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In the current EuroNCAP crash test were the Skoda Kodiaq, the mini countryman as well as the Nissan Micra and the Suzuki Swift. The latter came only to four stars despite an optional security package.

In the case of a side impact test, the big Czech came to the full point, also the Kodiaq cut well in the pile test. The dangers of a centrifugal trauma during a rear impact were low, the assistance systems worked flawlessly. In terms of child safety, the Skoda reached 72 percent of the possible points. Here the testers criticized the fact that the front crash load was too high for the dummy (10 years old). In the case of pedestrian protection, there was 71 percent of the possible points due to the high structure, 54 per cent for the safety equipment, and the tracking assistant was missing.

Mini Countryman with full score

As a second model with five stars, the MiniCheap leasing offers can be found here! Countryman could convince. Ninety percent of the possible points were in the area of occupant protection. The passenger compartment remained stable, only with Front crash higher forces applied to the upper body of the driver. In the side impact crash and pile test, the mini scored the highest score, even the protection against the centrifugal trauma is good.

80% of the possible points reached the child protection, also here there was an increased burden for the neck of the child dummy (10 years) during the front impact. The page crash tests completed the model again with the maximum score. The points for the protection against pedestrians are 64 per cent, with the safety equipment it is 51 per cent - the latter was missing the tracking assistant.

Nissan Micra with optional safety package also with 5 stars

The NissanCheap leasing offers can be found here! Micra came with the standard safety equipment to four stars (occupant protection: 91 percent, child protection: 79 percent, pedestrian protection: 68 percent, child protection: 49 percent.

With an extended safety package (autonomous emergency brake assist and tracking assistant), there are five stars (pedestrian protection: 79 percent and safety equipment: 72 percent), the other values remained unchanged. The passenger cell was correspondingly stable. In the front impact, a dummy slid through the back seat under the belt. There were maximum points in the side impact, a good rating in the pile test. The neck areas of the occupants are well protected against rear-end collisions.

Suzuki Swift despite four-star safety pack

The Suzuki SwiftClick here for the matching products on! cut off with only three stars in the current crash test. It reached 83 percent of possible points for occupant protection, 75 per cent for child protection and 69 per cent for pedestrian protection.

For security equipment, it was only 25 percent. With an optional safety package with an emergency brake assistant, the Suzuki Swift could still receive a four-star rating and increase occupant protection to 88 percent and safety support to 44 percent of the achievable points. Otherwise, the occupant protection results are the same. The gas cell remained stable, the protection of the legs was classified as good. In the front crash, the protection of the upper body of the driver and the rear passenger was only average. He finished the side crash with full points, the pile test with good protection for the critical body positions. While the loads on the front seats were low for a rear impact, there was the worst rating for the rear passengers.

The further detailed results of the EuroNCAP crash test from the year 2017

The new BMW 5 SeriesClick here for the matching products on! won a 5-star rating in the EuroNCAP-Crashtest. He was convincing in all crash scenarios. Only at Frontal crash the knee airbag of the driver did not open as planned. BMW wants to investigate the incident. The crash results were nevertheless convincing. No real weaknesses were found in the child safety and safety equipment. In the case of pedestrian protection, the too hard engine hood edge and the unyielding A-pillars were criticized.

Three stars for Fiat Doblo

Only three stars in the CrashtestClick here for the matching products on! for the revised Fiat Doblo. At the frontal crash, the driver's head passed through the airbag onto the steering wheel. The loads in the upper body area of the passenger are also high. The rear passengers are also confronted with a high risk of injury in the upper body area during a frontal impact.
In addition, the testers criticize the risk of injury in the cervical area during the rear impact. There was also criticism about child safety. Here 6 to 10-year-olds carry an increased risk of injury. Also, the passenger's airbag status is not clearly marked. In the case of pedestrian protection, the lower windscreen edge was too hard. An emergency braking system, a speed limiter, and a tracking assist are missing in the safety equipment.

The new Audi Q5 won a 5-star rating in the EuroNCAP crash test. The SUV convinced with good results in all crash scenarios and for all inmates. The Q5 did not have any weaknesses in the area of child safety. In the case of pedestrian protection, the Q5 benefits from an active bonnet as well as an emergency brake assist. Criticism exists only for too hard corners of the bonnet. In the case of the safety equipment, the Q5 as a standard offers a neat assembly.

Also on 5 stars came the new Land Rover Discovery in the EuroNCAP Crashtest. In the frontal offset crash, however, the airbag could not prevent a driver's dash on the steering wheel. In the impact across the entire width, the testers measured a slightly increased risk of injury in the chest area for the rear passengers. In the event of a side impact, the driver's door opened. An increased risk of injury was noted by the testers during the rear impact of the rear passengers. The Discovery also had no weaknesses in child safety. In the case of pedestrian protection, the Land Rover benefits from his emergency brake assistant. The A-pillars and the engine hood corners are too hard. In the point of safety support, the Briton scores with an extensive series of equipment.

The new Toyota compact crossover CH-R, which also comes with a 5-star rating, does not have any real weaknesses in occupant protection. The same applies to the criteria of child safety and pedestrian protection. Only the too hard A-pillars and the too hard motor-hood edge were criticized. With its standard pre-collision system, the Japanese also scores in the safety equipment.

The small car Citroën C3 comes in the Crashtest only to 4 stars. The French does not show any weaknesses in occupational safety, no weaknesses in child safety and in the protection of pedestrians were criticized only to the hard A-pillars. The fifth star cost the C3 the missing emergency brake assistant.

Small cars are not just missing safety equipment

Only three stars the Fiat 500 could achieve. At offset crash, the Italian was still convincing, while the frontal crashed over the entire width recorded zero points. The head of the driver hits hard on the steering wheel, the rear passengers threaten a high risk of injury in the head and upper body as well as a slipping under the belt. There were also deductions for child safety. For large children, there is an increased risk of injury in the rear places. The status of the passenger airbag is not displayed clearly enough, and not all child seats can be safely installed. There was also strong security in the security equipment. There is a lane holding and an emergency brake assist.

Also just on 3 stars came the new Ford small car Ka +. In the case of the offset crash, injuries are caused by penetrating dashboard structures on both front seats; in the event of a crash across the entire width, there is a high risk of injury in the head and upper body area for the rear passengers. There was no real slip-out in the criterion child safety. The usual criticism in the case of pedestrian protection: too hard A-pillars and a too hard motor hood edge. There were strong deductions for the safety equipment. As with the Fiat, a lane and an emergency brake assistant are missing.

From May the Mustang gets better, but perhaps not much safer

At the facelift of the Mustang (with us from May), nothing will change in the body structure. Are the crash test results largely transferable? The results for the most part already, but the assessment is likely to improve strongly. How come? This is despite the minor changes to the model maintenance. The test vehicle is not equipped with an emergency brake assistant, which is to be on board as a standard starting from the facelift. EuroNCAP "punishes" missing assistance systems extremely.

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During Monaco's Grand Prix weekend, you will not only see fast and expensive cars on the track. We went on the potholes of the principality on carpunt hunting. You will find the results in the gallery.
In Monaco there is plenty of money, lots of luxury and many famous people. But there is not one thing in the Principality: place! For this reason, motorists and small cars can be seen in the narrow streets . The owner of the Mercedes AMGClick here for the matching products on! G63 6x6 obviously do not disturb the cramped space conditions. With its nearly 6 meters in length, the three-axle vehicle tormented itself through the dense traffic. Only on the asphalt surface at the casino could the monster turn some rounds, without remaining immediately on the next wall of the house.

Monster Offroader and limited Supersporters

The angular off- roaderClick here for the matching products on! was one of the lightest victims on our carpunt hunting. The one converted by Mansory once again could not be overlooked. And because of the size he could not escape so quickly . The driver did not want that either. Patiently, he posed with his six-wheeled dinosaur for the numerous beauties who rowed the mobile phones.
It is becoming even more difficult to saddle rare sports cars . Porsche 911, Ferrari 458 or Bentley Continental can be seen in Monte CarloClick here for the matching products on! as frequently as here VW Golfs. But if you want to find a supersporter like the La Ferrari , it usually takes some luck. Not so this year: in front of the 5-star Hotel Hermitage, two of the 499 limited edition Exotics were parked. And a few meters further we drove a third to the camera.

Monaco Carspotting Hotspot at the Casino

As many exceptional cars as in Monaco you can only be seen at a trade fair. In addition to the Hotel Hermitage, the place at the Casino is the hotspot for car hunters. Here, with their expensive companions, the rich stroll through the masses at a pace. This year we were able to print out a lot of exclusive models. Whether you are a luxury golfer, a super sportsman or a classic , look at our gallery, all car enthusiasts will get their money'sValuable and easy to insure! worth.


10 points to Hot Hatch from Korea

It took some time, but now also Hyundai brings a hot compact car to the start: the i30 N with 275 hp. We were traveling with the Hot Hatch in the Eifel. Driving report.

After 26 years of presence on the German market, HyundaiClick here for the matching products on! finds that it is now time to stir up a bit of dust - on the road and on the racetrack. Because the new i30 N is supposed to work well here and there, but above all cause one thing: driving fun. Unconditional driving pleasure. We have tried the 275 hp compact car on country roads in the Eifel. Between the many curves came 10 things to mind:

1. The consequence: Electronically controlled differential lock, adaptive dampers, a completelyVideo BMW M4  Mercedes-AMG C 63 S new steering, intermediate gas function compared to the base - seems as if Hyundai had not forgotten anything. So that the whole technique spell also makes sense, it should be combined well. So it takes ...

2. Individualization options: Of course, individual modes are available that trim the chassis, drive, steering and control electronics from economical and comfortable to uncompromisingly sporty. An N-key sets everything up. Are you familiar? We'll get to that later. In addition, the driver can set his own setup and call up the push button on the steering wheel.

3. The Curve of the Curve: If the asphalt allows the N-mode to be used with the tight damper setting and also make all other systems serious, the i30 N sucks with a wrong lateral acceleration through curvesBMW legends in the video! , tolerates early passing, fires with excellent traction Out to the next straight line. It's like you've got it done with the ...

4. Response: The two-port turbo motor, available in two power variants, is hardly hesitating with the response to power questions, speaks well, quickly builds pressure. So a twin-scroll loader? No, a classic one. But just one that works. Hyundai also uses tried and tested technology in other respects, as the two-liter direct injection system has long been used in many other large -scale models as a vacuum cleanerFerrari CTC4 Lusso in the video. What can be no matter if the engine with remarkable ambition turns 6,000 / min, sounding four-cylinder-core, thrusts even a little from the exhaust system under thrust? The next turn comes, slow down. Speaking:

5. The transmission: A manual six-speed transmission. Just because. H-setting. Short distances, exact guidance, although not as crisp as with the Honda Civic Type R, but more binding than with the VW Golf GTIClick here for the matching products on! and only right in the Renault Mégane RS Doppelkupplungsgetriebe? Come later. Do not rush.

6. Ergonomics: Not only the shift lever is optimally positioned, but also everything you need when curves are more than just a necessary evil. The steering wheel and seats can be adjusted over a wide range, the side support fits, and if it is not enough: Behind the hand, the Hyundai people are talking about a shawl seat that they might want to offer as accessories. This could also relativize the somewhat too high seating position, which the i30 N has in common with all its competitors.

7. The comfort: Are not you interested? Good, then to point eight. For everyone else: Yes, with poor roads, the compact car isCheap leasing offers can be found here! just as good as with curvy. The suspension comfort fits, balanced, under no circumstances under-steamed, which happens in this segment gladly times. However, in principle, it remains on the tighter side between the Golf and Mégane.

8. The meticulousness: You have already noticed that Hyundai also does not necessarily take the role of technology pioneer in the i30 N. Why? Guarantee, five years, you know that. Therefore, this model variant alone had to take over 10,000 kilometers of running on the north loop.

9. The Creator: N-Mode? Individual setting options? It is only half as surprising that you know that Albert Biermann, the former development manager of BMW M GmbH, was one of the main contributors to designing the i30N.

10. The claim: Has the world been waiting for a hot hat from Hyundai? Not necessarily, the manufacturer knows. Therefore the i30 N wants to be understood as an alternative, which scores with reliability and good price-performance ratio.

En route in the wiser compact SUV

En route in the wiser compact SUV

Mazda makes the CX-3 wiser: the compact SUV will get smarter assistance systems from June 2017, a new steering wheel and the driving dynamics software G-Vectoring Control. In the driving report however other things occur.

G-Vectoring, known from MazdaCheap leasing offers can be found here! 3 and 6, the Mazda CX-3 is given to the small model maintenance as well as a new steering wheel, updates with the assistance systems and an electric seat adjustment. This is certainly not the world, but the premiere of the small SUV is also just two years ago.

No changes on the outside

External changes, as Mazda has almost made the rule, there is no faceliftClick here for the matching products on!. If you listen closely, however, will find that the suspension has been quieter. This is especially the rolling noise because pebbles are still very audible in the wheel arches.
The windscreen keeps the body back.

The two-liter petrol engine is good to hear when it has to turn. And the aspirator needs speed when the driver requests the 150 hp; In comparison to turbo gasoline engines, the high-pressure Otto motor lacks the torque in the cellar. One of his strengths is that he hangs well on the gas and turns up quickly. Torque seekers will grab the diesel, which is about ten percent of the CX-3 buyers do.

CX-3 Facelift with G-Vectoring

Every future CX-3 G-Vectoring will be standard. The software had first introduced MazdaClick here for the matching products on! in the 6 facelift, which regulates the torque during each steering movement with the aim of smoothing the steering behavior. By minimizing the torque, the wheel loads shift by 20 to 30 Newtons. The system is always active.
The assistance systems have also learned this: the head-up display now shows hints and also in color. In addition to navigation arrows and speed, which are displayed in white, the hints also include speed restrictions and lane hints.

New camera with traffic sign identification

On traffic signs a new, now high-resolution camera pays attention. This means that the run-up warning system now works up to 80 km / h. Radar-controlled and up to 200 km / h the cruise control keeps distance and speedVideo BMW M4  Mercedes-AMG C 63 S. During our test drive he made it reliable and gentle.
Anything else? Yes. If you want, the driver's seat can be electrically adjusted and the passenger seat in the height. There is, however, no height adjustment for the somewhat too high loading edge. Likewise unsuccessful the search for adjustment knobs for chassis, steering or accelerator pedal lineage out: Does not fit the philosophy of the brand, Mazda says. The success does not seem to hurt, with about 14,000 units, the CX-3 after the CX-5 last year was the second most successful Mazda in Germany.

Handy, but slightly too hard

The basic nature of the CX-3 does not change anything. So it remains a very handy, well-to-overview SUV from the very compact variety. On the one hand, it is pleasing because it is maneuverable and handy in the city. On the other hand, some competitors offer more space or even more sumptuous seats. Narrow statutes do not bother the more, the turn joyfully at the new steering wheel. Something is disturbing is that the CX-3 is still quite harshly reacting to slouching holes - the test car, however, also had lush 18-inch wheelsHere are the matching wheels from AEZ! reared.

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